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Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
, it has an impact anyone who rides the rails for uses projects come from our port. i'm going to be working with this committee to rebuild transportation infrastructure to make it stronger and more resilient. in at least two cases, damaged the superfund sites. the potential releases of toxic pollution into the environment. they cannot do a thorough investigation of the storms in fact on sites throughout the region. today i'm introducing a superfund emergency response act which requires epa to perform an assessment of superfund site following any natural disaster and allows congress to appropriate emergency funding to remediate any damage. the bill will require epa to better protect on-site that are vulnerable to disaster. we've got to remember the super storm sandy in this changing climate are reluctant to your, to look at the changes in global temperature is very difficult to understand. the intensity, chairman more and more common by the opportunity in this community to make sure the northeast recovers every build just that way. all of them have taken an interest here, glad to share what
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
was the most and port milestones in the fight against al qaeda. the remover -- removal of the sole commander for 22 years is a testament to the work of countless intelligence and counterterrorism across the government and that further demonstrated as never before the extraordinary proficiency intelligence communities achieve and counterterrorism is someone who would then director for counterterrorism at the white house in the late 90s, i have to say the leaping capabilities is nothing short of astonishing. of course it was not just bin laden. we've removed more than 20 of eight q.'s top 30 leaders. now the court finds it difficult to raise money, train recruits and plant attacks outside the region. in yemen to fight against al qaeda and arabian peninsula is a work in progress, but i'm glad to see the trend lines are positive. in particular, the resolve of president hottie and begin many people have made a major difference. after holding a swath of territory at aqap has been rolled back from the gains of last year. yemen illustrates the value of the truly comprehend that approach. so while we
Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
experience about how port and insurance business situations? >> absolutely. we've have prepared it this packet were talk about insurance being key. we do make loans for insured or underinsured losses. we'll take an salmon of the insurance policy. there's a lot of lessons learned here, but i don't want to state a specific percentage about nonfactual numbers. we can get that number. >> please. the 108 mendes features you'd be interested is your determination as to how many have insurance at how many different. i'm assuming you would agree that's critical of the amount of insurance they have when people look to the federal government to step in and fill a gap. >> just to clarify that's part of our process. we'll make a loan for $1 in the theater $50,000 of insurance. we will miquelon upfront and reduce the full amount by about 50,000 will make the phone for underinsured losses. >> we also take an assignment on insurance prayers these quakes >> we do when they make it before the insurance is settled. >> that's enough for this round. >> thank you on the senator. let me assure you we
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
the ports and an outgoing liberal democratic senator, christopher dodd, who in his farewell speech on the senate floor in 2010 census. the history of this young democracy to framers decided should not be written solely in the hands of a political majority and a nation founded in its tyrannical rule which sought to trust should be one institution that would always provide a space for dissent was valued and respected. founders were concerned to not only legislation come just as importantly with how we legislate. thank you. [applause] >> i'm brent arlington senior fellow first daddies at the heritage foundation. my feeling is the current push to reform the filibuster is merely a partisan power driving with the support of president barack obama. he wants to terminate the procedure that allows members to filibuster the motion to proceed to cut the so-called talking filibuster. he wants to do so in the way he wants to do so he would have to break the rules committee changed the rules. he would have to use what we've been discussing, when the majority leader forces the rules of the simple
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
why you can't. i can't tell you how port that is for a young person to not only have dreams, but believe that dreams are possible. if i worry about anything is said to many young americans are training or believe the streams are accessible to them because of circumstances they grow up in. the government has a role to play in that. >> james, and covered her speech last night pointed out the word that was missing from your speech. he didn't mention mitt romney h-hotel three weeks ago was the leader of the party -- is mitt romney going to disappear? >> i hope he's not going to disappeared and i do hope he has a continuing role. >> very few people have done what he's done covering for president and -- >> that's not accurate. he got a lot of those are the truth is he won a lot of states. he did is 49 to one. he won places and has a lot of supporters. but it's also been successful at life. i told him this, too. mitt romney is a role model as a person, father, husband, community leader. he is a lot to offer the republican party. i don't know exactly what that will be, but i'm excit
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
-speed rail would not happen without federal government to port including legislation by congress to authorize the program. the united states will maintain our position of economic leadership we have to invest in the best infrastructure in the world. that will not be true if we do not invest in high-speed rail. we cannot wait until heavyset cutely congested. airports cannot stand anymore to start thinking another long-distance transportation options. we did catch up to germany, france and japan. just heard this morning cioppino celebrating the 50th anniversary of their bullet train. we cannot allow china to surpass us in our next generation of infrastructure. tourists across the world will visit our high-speed rail to marvel at our civic engineering and technological prowess. this is not just at a transportation company changing the revitalization along the cities along the route. in conclusion, it is clear support the high-speed rail california. the federal program will help make it possible. what we need now is fishing. but we need now is leadership. what we need now is believed that the peo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6